Sydney is the leader of the Popular Girls Club and is a rival to the Cupcake Club. Sydney has perfect blonde hair and blue eyes and thinks she is better than everyone. She is men to everybody. In Year One, she makes the members of the Cupcake Club miserable. She stole Callie away from Katie Brownand tries to recruit Mia in the Popular Girls Club. She moves away to California in Book 9, yay!

Sydneyś behaviorEdit

Sydney is downright mean

  • In Katie and the Cupcake Cure, Sydney steals Callie from Katie and "brainwashes" her, making Callie a mean, boy-obsessed girl, like Sydney. Then, when the school fundraiser is near, Sydney brags that the PGC will have the best booth. Turns out, the booth was a makeup booth, which would of been fine, but the makeovers they gave were terrible! Sydney is introduced in this book.
  • In Mia in the Mix she goes shopping with Mia and tries to recruit her to the PGC, which hurts Katie.
  • In Emma on Thin Icing, she wants to buy the same bridesmaid dress as Emma, but there is only one in stock. Emma turns out getting it, thanks to her 'best friends and brothers'.
  • In Alexis and the Perfect Recipe, she and Callie hang out with Alexis's crush and Emma's brother, Matt Taylor. Alexis' older sister, Dylan invites Jenna, Callie's older sister, to her sweet sixteen party, and Sydney and Callie are jealous and want to suicide them selves

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