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Alexis Becker is a middle-school aged girl with curly, bright red hair, green eyes, and a bright personality. She narrates the books, Alexis and the Perfect Recipe, Alexis Cool as a Cupcake, Alexis Gets Frosted, Alexis and the Missing Ingredient, Alexis the Icing on the Cupcake, Alexis's Cupcake Cupid, and the latest being, Alexis Cupcake Crush. She has one sibling, her sister Dylan, who sometimes bosses her around, but is here for her when she is down, like in on one diary, 'Alexis- The Icing On The Cupcake'. Edit

Personality Traits Edit

Alexis is very innovative with a very intelligent and intuitive disposition. She is shown to be a natural leader, being a member of the Future Business Leaders of America, and loves crunching numbers, especially when it comes to business proceedings. She does very well in school, loving all her classes and teachers.

Alexis excels in school and shows an equal passion and love for all her academic subjects. She is also extremely organized and an avid planner. She is shown to dislike change and is a creature of habit.

Nevertheless, she is a loyal and helpful friend and is a great peacemaker. Her best friends are her fellow Cupcake Club members, Katie Brown, Mia Velaz-Cruz, yet her all-time best friend is Emma Taylor. Though she tended to have a more unsteady relationship with Katie and Mia at the start of the series, she gradually draws closer to them both in the book, "Alexis and the Missing Ingredient".

She likes being serious and professional whenever possible, thus not conveying her emotions as spontaneously or as exciteably as the others, but she has a major crush on her best friend Emma Taylor's older brother, Matt.


In the first few books, Alexis is described to be of average height with an athletic figure from soccer. Later on starting from book 20, Alexis gets a growth spurt which causes her to become very tall. Alexis is said to have gorgeous red curls, nice green eyes, and cute freckles. She was also said to be quite pretty.